15 Days

Luxury Patagonian Explorer


Trip Overview

This exclusive 15 days journey is catered for keen adventurer who would like to experience the dramatic landscape of Patagonia. Starting in Chile’s capital, Santiago, we will venture to the Lake District for its myriad glacial lakes and picturesque German villages. Then, we will enter the Chilean Patagonia where you will enjoy an intimate walk with Magellanic penguins and amazing hike in Torres Del Paine.

From there, we will cross the border to Argentinian side and slowly cruising through crumbling Perito Moreno Glacier. The adventure does not stop at Patagonia as we whisk you away to world’s most monumental waterfalls, Iguazu, before writing a great ending with a touch of Argentina’s Tango culture at Buenos Aires.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 - 3


Private Transfer to Santiago's Hotel

Santiago in Depth

Enjoy a private tour conducted in chronological order, starting from the city center, allowing you to understand the origins of the city and the urban sprawl since the 19th century. Highlights include icons of the city’s downtown areas such as Cerro Santa Lucía, the energetic Plaza de Armas and the colorful downtown market. We will also try the city’s Metro system, grab a coffee and do some fun people-watching before shifting to the Las Condes district and finally San Cristobal Hill, where the most incredible Santiago panorama can be seen

Chilean Market Visit & Pisco Sour

Feeding more than seven million inhabitants, the buzzing La Vega Market creates a mixture of color and chaos. A walk through its numerous food stalls will be filled with authenticity as we enjoy local favorites from super-sized sandwich, Chilean seafood and empanada to a cup of coffee at downtown café, classic Chilean cocktail in a kitschy bar and lunch at a ‘where-the-locals-go’ restaurant

Air Transfer

Begin your Patagonia adventure as you depart on a scheduled flight to the Lake District

Private Transfer to Lake District's Hotel

Exploring Chilean Lake District

Spend your days at Chilean Lake District tackling the great outdoor. Ride a chairlift at Osorno Volcano Ski Center to an altitude of 1,670 meters that gives unsurpassed view of Lake Llanhuique and drive along its shoreline to discover some of the most charming German Villages in the area. For more thrill, head to the adventure capital of Pucon where you will find even more hiking trails and outdoor options from kayaking and rafting to horseback riding. We will pick the adventures that suits your taste and the perfect lodges for you to relax and unwind after a full day out

Fun-filled Whitewater Rafting

Air Transfer

You will be collected to the airport for your scheduled flight to Punta Arenas

Day 5 - 6

Punta Arenas

Private Transfer to Punta Arena's Hotel

Isla Magdalena Walk

Set sail from Tres Puentes Pier of Punta Arenas to Magdalena Island, home to the adorable Magellanic Penguins. Along this 1.5 hour sail on world-famous Straits of Magellan, expect to encounter the magnificent black-browed albatross along with skuas, South American terns, cormorants, gulls and if you are in luck, the Commerson’s dolphin. At the island, we will encounter a visual marvel of almost 40.000 pairs of Magellanic Penguins that build their nest on the island and take this opportunity to get up close with this wonderful creature

Road Transfer to Torres Del Paine's Hotel

Day 6 - 9

Torres Del Paine

French Valley Hike

This scenic hike begins with a 30 minute boat ride across Pehoe Lake followed by a winding trail that passes the slopes of Paine Grande and the shores of Lago Skottsberg. It is challenging yet beautiful at the same times with shimmering green lakes and view of Paine Massif shadowing you along the way. At the final lookout point, you will realize how tiny you are compared to the incredible panorama standing in front of you – massive granite mountain and the hanging French Glacier.

Visit a Patagonia Estancia

Take your exploration to the eastern part of Torres Del Paine that has completely different scenery compared to Paine Massif. We will walk along the bank of Baguales River, surrounded by barren landscape and untouched valley, and visit Cerro Guido Estancia – the largest and most well-known cattle ranch in Patagonia. Here, enjoy a typical organic lunch made from locally grown ingredients while listening to stories from local villagers on how this small settlement can entirely support themselves without outside aid. We will also take a horseback ride around the Estancia with huge chances to cross tracks with all kinds of wildlife from guanacos to foxes and deers.

Laguna Azul Walk

Take another beautiful walk around Laguna Azul shore and if not blinded by its magical blue colors, we will also drive further to witness the Paine Waterfall and the huge Laguna Amarga.

Crossing the Border

The day at Chile has come to an end as we take a scenic drive through the border to Argentinian side where more exciting adventure awaits.

Day 9 - 12

El Calafete

Road Transfer to El Calafete's Hotel

Perito Moreno Glacier Walk

Among the Earth’s most dynamic and accessible ice fields, Glacier Perito Moreno is perhaps one of the most stunning with exceptional constant advance – up to 2m per day – causing building-sized icebergs to calve from its face. On this full day tour, we will observe this natural spectacle from various height and angle and enjoy rare opportunities to trek over its surface. The trekking is moderate along irregular icy surface but completely firm and safe. Throughout the hike, your guide will introduce you to fascinating landscape that includes streams, small lagoons, gullies, crevasses and plenty of other ice formations.

Cruise to Upsala Glacier & Estancia Cristine

Start off your day with a calm sail through the northern branch of Argentino Lake and navigate among magnificent icebergs that have loosened from the front of Upsala Glacier. The destination is Estancia Cristina where you will be introduced to the unique history of the ranch along with the chapel and other historic monuments. Pass lunch time, we will go off-road through scenic mountain trail on a four wheel drive that leads to Upsala Lookout from where you can witness amazing views of Lake William and the entire Southern Patagonian ice field set against Andes Mountain Ranges.

Air Transfer

Enjoy the slow pace of Patagonian lives – perhaps taking a gentle walk at surrounding hills and sip another fresh Patagonian air before it is time to wave goodbye to the land. Your chauffeur will assist you to the airport for your scheduled flight to Iguazu.

Day 12 - 14

Iguazu Falls

Private Transfer to Iguazu's Hotel

Discover Iguazu From Different Angles

In the Argentinian side, take a walk around the upper circuit with six spacious decks that gives panoramic views of the falls and stop at Devil’s Throat that sees the largest flow of water. Then, climb down to the lower circuits with eight different vantage points where we can have a more intimate experience with the landscape.

The walk in Brazlian side is relatively shorter and the falls are further away from this side but this allows you to get a better overview and capture entire cascades from virtually every angle. Despite being at a distance, you can still feel the falls showing off its power and spray water all over your face.

Gran Adventura Boat Ride

Board a high-powered zodiac boat that will take you, at high speed, to enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences in the region: the direct and wet contact with the mighty Iguassu Falls.

Iguazu from the Sky

Finaly, climb abroad a helicopter and capture the entire panorama from high above to round up your ultimate Iguazu experience

Air Transfer

You will be privately transferred to the airport for your scheduled flight to Buenos Aires

Day 14 - 15

Buenos Aires

Private Transfer to Buenos Aires' Hotel

Flirt with the Tango

Experience the best Tango performance in town with lavish three course dinner and champagne and let the intense rhythm and dances show you the real style and passion of Argentina

Highlight of Buenos Aires Tour

The city of Buenos Aires is sophisticated, elegant with a distinct European flair and awash with pedestrian boulevards along topiary streets. Take a guided walk through its historical sights, enjoy a stroll at La Boca District with colorful houses and venture to the charming cobbled alleys and colonial architecture of San Telmo. We will take a refreshing stop at one of a vogue café for lunch before making a quiet ending at the famous Recoleta cemetery, where the tomb of Evita Peron in found.

Private transfer to the Airport

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