11 Days

Tales of Andalucia


Trip Overview

This journey invites you to discover Spain’s most fascinating culinary, history, and culture in 11 days. Begin this luxurious trip in the capital Madrid, exploring its melting pot of flavors as well as its surrounding Roman villages. Then, visit some of the most charming villages in Andalusia and make a dive right into its thriving cultures and culinary scene. We will also spend a couple of relaxing nights on the pristine sand of Costa Del Sol before ending the journey with Gaudi’s masterpiece discovery in Barcelona.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 - 3


Private Transfer to Madrid's Hotel

Private Tapas Tour

Get your first taste of Spanish tapas on an exciting gastronomical journey through the capital’s historic center. We will wind through Madrid’s hidden streets and back alleys and pop into all kinds of family-run eateries and taverns while savoring in premium Spanish hams, cheese, mushroom, and vermouth along the way. Your guide is a food-lovers who will teach you how to eat tapas like a local and share a touch of history on iconic sites such as Plaza Mayor and Plaza de la Villa

Tour of Segovia

The Unesco World Heritage-listed Segovia has always had an irresistible charm attached to it. The entire city is set amid the rolling hills of Castilla with hilltop Alcazar that gives inspiration to multiple Disney’s castles. Crossing from one side to another, through the heart of the city, is a 2,000 years old Roman Aqueduct that was once used to transport water through the city. We will admire this magnificent monument while savor in Segovia’s most famous suckling pig paired with a glass of refreshing Sangria

High Speed Train Transfers to Cordoba

Private Tour of Cordoba

Once served as the capital of the Roman Empire and Islamic caliphate, there are only a few cities in the world that have a history as glorious as Cordoba. You will find its grand past reflected in the architecture as you wander through its Moorish, Christian, and Jewish quarters. In springtime, houses around these quarters are filled with colorful potted plants and hanging trees, and when set against the lovely white patios, the whole city turns into a remarkable artwork. Then, of course, we will visit the multi-arched Mezquita, one of the world’s greatest religious buildings, that played an important role in both the Christians and Islamic past.

Day 3 - 5


Private Transfer to Seville's Hotel

Flamenco & Tapas

Despite its hard sell to tourists, Flamenco is a no-cliche but a real living culture of Andalucia that involves complex rhythms and dance moves. We will experience its full impact in a very intimate bar, where local young talent frequently comes to perform and crowds spontaneously dance to the beat. After the show, with a body still in rhythms, we will taste unique local tapas that is only known to local Sevillian and end the night with the legendary Andalusian Rebujito cocktail

Seville Walking Tour

It is really hard not to love Seville. Perhaps it is the orange scent that blowing through the sweltering street or the fairylike scenes of a horse carriage resting near the tinkling Cathedral’s fountain. On this tour, we will explore its Quaint Jewish Quarter and charming Santa Cruz Neighborhood. We will enter the great Cathedral of Seville and be impressed by the tomb of Christopher Columbus inside. We will stroll through the Alcazar and its beautiful gardens. We will take in the entire view of Seville from Las Setas De Sevilla. We will uncover every inch of its beauty and learn why famous artists like Hemingway went to the city for inspiration.

Visit a Brave Bull Ranch

Just like tapas and flamenco, bullfighting is an edible part of Spanish culture. While most people come to enjoy the tension and adrenaline rush, we will go behind the scene to experience its tranquil ambiance. On a visit to the brave bull farm, you will come into contact with the magnificent “toro bravo” and listen to the owner explaining different temperaments of bulls and how they were carefully breed

Exploring White towns of Andalusia

Surrounded by clusters of Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), off you go with your private guide on a picturesque road trip across rural Andalusia. From hilltop Zahara de la Sierra to Grazalema, you will have the opportunity to wander along their narrow street and see the much simpler side of Spain. The main show, however, is none other than Ronda, one of Spain’s most dramatic towns that nested on both sides of an impressive 120-meters gorge. We will have plenty of time to walk through its historic old town and vibrant market and enter the world’s oldest bullfight arena

Road Transfer to Marbella's Resort

Day 5 - 7


Enjoy Beach Life at Costa del Sol

The coastal town of Marbella is famous for multiple reasons from Michelin starred restaurant to beautiful beaches and wonderful year-round weather. With more than 23 beaches on a coastline that stretches out over 27 kilometers, you can easily find the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Let your mood steer the day and enjoy activities that suit your interests. Maybe it’s getting those sun-kissed skins or snorkeling across the crystal clear lagoon. Perhaps the picturesque old town or one of those luxury yachts by the harbor will spark you. Or, if you keen on going out, we can arrange an unforgettable day trip to neighboring Morocco or a dolphin cruise across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Walk The King’s Path

Get your hiking shoes ready as we set out for an exhilarating walk to the famous El Caminito Del Rey, commonly known as the King’s little pathway, that was first opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1921 in celebration of the inauguration of the nearby dam. The walk (4 Hours) along 1-meter wide boardwalk is relatively easy with almost flat elevation but definitely not for the faint-of-heart as it stands at 105-meter height over the panoramic river and crimson cliff view. All sorts of wildlife can be spotted along the hike: griffin vultures, golden eagles, wildflowers along with ancient fossils and native toads by the river below – if you dare to look down.

Road Transfer to Granada's Hotel

Day 7 - 9


Arab Bath Ritual

Head to Hammam al Andalus and relieve those tired legs from the previous hike with a water journey that combines exclusive massage with aromatic oils and relaxing ambiance. The bath is located inside a 13th-century building, on the site of an original hammam, that reopens after being banned for five centuries by the Christian Kings

Tour of Alhambra & Generalife Gardens

Once a palace and fortress for the city’s Muslim rulers, Alhambra is one of the most impressive architecture in the world – ranked together with the Indian Taj Mahal and Turkish Hagia Sophia. We will explore its lavish interior filled with beautiful Arabic calligraphy, marble floors, intricate tiling, and mythical statues that together create indescribable elegance. Also iconic is the lush Generalife Gardens, which served as a peaceful oasis and flowerbeds for the Arab kings and their families for leisure and relaxation.

Discover Remote Village of La Alpujarra

Meet your private guide and venture to southern Granada, where the remote village of Las Alpujarras is located. Here, whitewashed villages are set against stunning meadows of Sierra Nevada and loaded with original Berber-style flat-roofed houses, as if time had stopped around this region. We will walk you through some of its beautiful streets, discover the rural charm and see the local craftsmanship such as weaving and pottery

Scheduled flight to Barcelona

Day 9 - 11


Private Transfer to Barcelona's Hotel

Gaudi & Modernism Tour

Antonio Gaudi is considered the most ingenious and innovative architect in his times, and you can find a lot of his works spread across the city of Barcelona, including the most famous Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Park Guell, and many other lesser-known but equally amazing works. Your guide for this is an expert in modernism who will share some fun stories about the movement and its protagonist. On the tour, we will also visit Montjuic, site of the 1992 summer Olympics, from where you will enjoy beautiful views of the city and port of Barcelona.

Barcelona From the Sea

Reconnect with the Mediterranean Sea on this private sailing experience, admire Barcelona’s towering skyline from the water and watch the beautiful play of colors at sunset from yellow to orange over a nice glass of champagne and Spanish aperitif

Excursions to Montseratt

The mountain of Montserrat is considered one of the most magical and spiritual places in Catalonia with a strange-shaped rocky massif and rounded summit that project towards the sky. Lies on the edge of this emblematic mountain is a ninth-century Monastery that housed the sacred Black Madonna – patron saint of Catalonia. Inside the Abbey, we can see the singing of the Escolania de Montserrat, one of the oldest children choirs in Europe. We will also follow the nature trail that leads to the highest peak where a sweeping panorama of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen on clear days

Private Transfer to Barcelona's Airport

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