General | 30.06.2019

The Beginning

The stories how it all started…

Stepping out from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport seven years ago with sweaty palms and a racing heart, I was extremely excited about my first European trip with my parents. Oh, and 20 other strangers who I have never met again since then. Little did I know that those moments at the airport are the clearest memories that I keep from that trip. I remember that we visited around seven countries in 12 days and went through some oddly-shaped buildings and plenty of shops along the way. But that’s it. That trip annoyed me so much that I did not even try to cross the cities out of my bucket list and has completely reshaped my perception of traveling.

For each following trip, I spent long hours doing the research, choosing the places and activities that interest me and downshifting the gear to create a more meaningful and digestible journey. I always try to plan at least three nights in each destination; sometimes leaving a free day to leisurely walk around the city, visit nearby art galleries, or hang around in a local cafe. I realized that as weird as it sounds, seeing less is actually seeing more, and there is no way to cover everything in a short time. Not a day, a week, or even a month. Because the world we live in is constantly changing, culture is adapting to new societies, and exciting things continue to emerge every single day.

Today, I do the same for our discerning clients who are looking for deeper and more personal experiences. The joy comes in when I was able to connect them with their favorite destinations, help them achieve their long-awaited dream, and create memories that resonate with them for a long, long time.


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