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There really isn’t a wrong time to visit Peru as certain seasons will offer different sceneries and activities options. Since most travelers come to Peru for the legendary Machu Picchu, dry and cooler months between May and November is the most popular time with hours of uninterrupted sunshine and wide-open views of the Andean Peaks. This season also gives a perfect opportunity to do some hiking, such as the Rainbow Mountain or Laguna 69, or explore the pristine Amazon Rainforest on foot

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Outdoor Adventure

Cruise the Amazon River

Taking a voyage through the mighty Amazon forest is like diving right into Mother Nature’s cradle of life and is possibly one of the most rewarding expeditions in the world. Despite being shared by nine countries, the Peruvian portion of the rainforest is best known as the birthplace of Amazon and has one of the highest birds and mammals species in the world. As you take a twisting turns into the forested fringes, expect exciting encounters with many different kinds of monkeys, armadillos, poison dart frogs, giant otters, and the elusive pink dolphins. Whichever cruise you choose, your extraordinary journey almost always involves zodiac boat discovery, canoeing, piranha fishing, shaman visits, and, during the low-water season, land-based trekking expeditions.

Culture & History

Meet the Andean civilization

While Lima’s exotic beaches and food scenes never fail to allure, the most treasured gems of Peru lie high up in the mountain, somewhere among the breathtaking Andean landscape. It is here, in this fertile valley, where you can witness the colorful Peruvian culture: farmers working alongside their donkeys in the cornfield, mamitas selling handicrafts in Pisac Market, and women spinning alpaca’s wool into yarn. Several of the Inca’s most delicate works were also built in this region, the most notable being the maras salt mines, the concentric Moray Ruins, the ruins of Ollantaytambo, and the mighty stronghold of Machu Picchu

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What You Need to Know

Amazon & Andean Highlands Explorer

Amazon & Andean Highlands Explorer

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