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Best Time to Visit

Deciding when to visit Finland is relatively simple. For those who wish to celebrate the magical Christmas or see the Northern Lights, come in winter from December to March when the entire Finnish Lapland is carpeted with snow. Summer from June to September is an excellent time to experience the midnight sun and take part in some outdoor adventure around Finnish Lakeland

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Outdoor Adventure

Bring out Your Winter Spirit

Finnish Lapland is not an ordinary winter paradise. It is a place where you will find calm and serenity in the middle of nothingness. It is a place where Santa Claus is brought to life and many believe that he actually exists. It is the place where you can bathe in the eerie glow of Northern Lights. It is the place that wilderness turns into home and locals become friends. It is the place to hibernate and get away from it all. Every day, when the sun goes up, packs of eager huskies will greet you and carry you through the untouched blanket of snow before the Arctic silence lull you back to sleep. It is a land of endless possibilities and our designers will happily discuss the adventure that suits you best.

Outdoor Adventure

Closeness with the Nature

The nickname, “the land of a thousand lakes,” is a little bit misleading since Finland has around 188.000 lakes and some of the cleanest water on earth. The water is a precious element to Finland and taking a holiday to The Lakeland is like walking into the heart of Finnish identity. Taking a leisure cruise on its largest lake, Saimaa, is one of the most unforgettable summer experience where you will glide through 14.000 rugged islands while looking for rare Saimaa seal resting on the shoreline. And then there is canoeing, hiking, berries picking, salmon fishing and plenty of other exciting adventures waiting for you

The Essentials

What You Need to Know

Our Tailormade Journey

Ultimate Northern Light Chase

Ultimate Northern Light Chase

11 Days

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From remote glass igloos to luxury wilderness lodges and Christmas chalets, here are some of our handpicked accommodation in Finland

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