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Like any other beach destination, drier months from April to October are the perfect time to explore Mozambique’s beauty – both above and under the water. Due to its subtropical position, weather is relatively warm even in winter day but might drop in the evening when the cold air flows. It is advised to avoid rainy season between January and February as cyclones occasionally hit the coast

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Wildlife & Safari

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

There are no shortages of snorkeling and diving sites along Mozambique’s 2500 km coastline. The Two Mile Reef, nickname “The Aquarium”, is considered one of the most diverse and unspoilt coral gardens in Africa. Here, wide ranges of marine habitats such as kingfish, barracuda and manta rays can frequently be seen swimming in between the swaying corals. Between October and March, divers can enjoy an unforgettable swimming experience with migrating Whale Sharks at Tofo Island with opportunities to marvel at their grace while watching them feed on nearby plankton. Equally beautiful is Ponda do Ouro whose dive sites boast more than 20 beautiful coral reefs and famously known for hammerhead sharks sightings.

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Romantic Safari & Mozambique Beach

Romantic Safari & Mozambique Beach

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