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No matter which months you travel, there is always somewhere beautiful in Australia. Winter months from June to September provides plenty of sunshine to explore the Great Barrier Reef and Northern outback. In Southern Coast, the exciting summer festival begins to take place from December until February, but this is also the busiest period of Australia. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the pleasant spring weather which is great for a gourmet escape in Western Australia or nature walk in Tasmania

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Wildlife & Safari

See the Natives at Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is not your ordinary outdoor getaway; it is an immersive journey where you live together with Australian indigenous wildlife. Walking through its nature trail will give you a front-row seat to admire Australia’s most pristine wilderness and all sorts of animals in action from koala snoozing in the trees to patrolling goannas and sunbathing seals. And the more you explore, you will realize that the island has much more to offer. The island food scene has adopted its own style such as the famous Ligurian honey and locally-grown grapes while its sandy beaches will keep you barefoot all day long

Beach Getaway

Beach Hopping in Queensland

No visit to Australia is complete without hitting at least one white sand beach in the Eastern Coast – or, on second thought, maybe two or three of those. The reason is, Australia’s beaches come in all kinds of shapes and ambiance; Whitehaven Beach has pure white silica sands, Gold Coast is famous for its challenging waves, Cairns and the swaying palm trees, and hundreds other more. And then there is the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, that is blessed with the world’s largest coral reef and abundance of marine life.

Outdoor Adventure

Experience the Outback

Nothing on earth can be compared to Australian outback; some say that Mars is the closest thing to it. While you can find a little bit of outback in every state of Australia, there is no denying that NorthWestern Kimberley region has the wildest and most ancient landscape. Enjoy swimming in different waterfalls each day, glide through a crocs-filled river, learn the local aboriginal rock art or fly through the desolate mountains for panoramic views. When you are not out there exploring the wild, you will find yourself learning how to throw a boomerang or mustering herds of cattle – just like what ingenuous local do every day.

The Essentials

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Our Tailormade Journey

Tasmania Great Outdoor

Tasmania Great Outdoor

9 Days

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