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With most of its landscape located close to the Arctic, winter in Canada (December to March) can be intense and not advisable unless you are going to hit the slopes or hunt for Northern Lights. Otherwise, summer and fall (June to October) is considered the best time to visit Canada when the bears are out in the river swatting for salmon and beluga whales gathers around Hudson Bay

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Wildlife & Safari

Intimate Bear Watching

Of all the outdoor activities, bear watching is the kind of Canadian experience that you will never forget. Here, these native creatures roam freely in the wild and has become part of everyday life in many places in Canada. In Churchill, travelers can get as intimate as walking alongside polar bears and have a magical unspoken communication with these white giants. For grizzlies extravaganza, head to the Great Bear Rainforest – home to 15,000 grizzlies – and watch them feasting on frenetic salmons along the river stream. And then there is the so-called “spirit bear” – a rare white-coated black bears that results from unique genetic traits – that occasionally can be seen during Augusts’ salmon run

Outdoor Adventure

Chasing the Northern Lights

Like many other Arctic countries, Canada’s dark skies are illuminated with Northern Lights in winter – dazzle travelers from across the globe with its spellbinding beauty. Yellowknife and its aurora villages are considered the best place to view the lights due to its low air pollution and position directly under the aurora oval. For those looking for easier access and winter activities, Whitehorse in Yukon is the perfect choice with plenty of fun-filled options including dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing, among many others.

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The Great Black Bear Safari

The Great Black Bear Safari

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