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Like most safari destinations in Africa, Kenya is best-visited during the dry season from July to October when the wildlife is easier to spot near the waterholes. This is also the prime time to witness the Great Migration in Masai Mara, especially from August to mid-October. If you can, try to avoid the spring season between March and May when rains drop almost continuously throughout the day, and some lodges and camps closed down during the wet season

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Wildlife & Safari

Classic Masai Mara Safari

Covering an area of 1500 square kilometers, the quintessential Masai Mara is the flagship national park of Kenya and one of the most famous game reserves in the world. It has one of the highest concentrations of wildlife all year round, including the African big five, giraffe, cheetah, large rafts of hippos, and enormous crocodile in the Mara River. One of the most exciting wildlife phenomenon, the river crossings, occur at some points between July and October, where millions of wildebeests try to cross the Mara River while avoiding the hungry crocodile underneath. Aside from wildlife, you can also learn all about the indigenous Maasai Tribe, adding another unique element to your incredible Africa trip

Wildlife & Safari

Track the Big Tuskers

Africa’s big-eared savannah elephant is one of the most sought after mammals in any safari trip, and luckily, they happen to congregate in herds across the open plains in southeastern Kenya. Amboseli National Park is usually travelers’ number one pick, not only for the postcard picture of elephants quenching their thirst against the backdrop of ice-capped Kilimanjaro Mountain, but also its long-running research and conservation program. Three hours away, Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and home to some of Africa’s largest remaining big tuskers. In between the two national parks, you will find the lush Chyulu Hills covered in dense cloud forests – a perfect setting for couples who wish to dwell in absolute seclusion.

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Kenyan Family Adventure

Kenyan Family Adventure

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