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Safaris in Rwanda are mostly done in a rainforest, so it is the best visited in dry seasons from mid-December to early February or June to September when the hiking conditions are perfect for gorilla tracking and malaria risks are low. However, if you wish to do the chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe, the rainy season is your best bet as the apes are more stationary and gather in larger groups

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Wildlife & Safari

Guided Gorilla Trekking

There is often an instant association between Rwanda and the amazing mountain gorillas; evidently so because they can only be found in the protected forest between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild is perhaps one of the most surreal experiences one can have but definitely not easy to achieve as there are only 80 trekking permits given out each day to limit the crowds. Even with the permit, you will still need to find a knowledgeable guide, trek through steep inclines and lush bamboo vegetation and more importantly, wish for good weather. That being said, it all will be worth it when you spot your first silverback (mature male gorillas) napping in the shade and his playful adolescents daringly tapping your legs.

Wildlife & Safari

Nyungwe Primates Adventure

Located deep in Southwest Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest is little known to most travelers until it officially became a national park in 2005. This primordial rainforest boasts an impressive primate collection – 13 species to be precise – from owl-faced monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, L’Hoest’s mountain monkeys to olive baboons and colobus monkeys. But it is the chimpanzees that draw the most attention. There are over 500 resident chimps inside the forest and they are most likely to be heard and seen on an early morning tracking excursion. The forest trek can be rigorous at times, but once our rangers locate the chimps, all the sweat will be paid off as you spend long hours watching them leap between branches, build their nests and occasionally screech at each other

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Gorilla & Big Five Safari

Gorilla & Big Five Safari

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