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Many describe Norway as a once-in-a-lifetime destination but these extraordinary rugged landscapes definitely need more than one visit. The deep fjord and southern Norway can be visited all year round with different experience each season: wildflowers in spring, midnight sun in summer and bronze foliage in fall. For Northern part, summertime is perfect to meet the Polar Bears in Svalbard while winter attract light chasers from across the globe

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Wildlife & Safari

Meet the King of Arctic

Svalbard is the island of solitude – few even know that there is another mass of land further north than Norway. This is the place where polar bears roam freely in the wild and their presence outnumbers the entire island population. Whenever a seal pops out from the ice looking for warm arctic sun, this beautiful predator has been lurking quietly from behind a giant iceberg. The best way to experience this living scene is to take an expedition boat or, for true adventurist, a snowmobile safari

Outdoor Adventure

Cruise the Norwegian Fjord

Rarely will you find a place on earth that is as dramatic as the Norwegian Fjord. The deep blue inlets, flowing waterfalls, small wooden house sitting on the rugged coast and sharp towering mountains all together creates unforgettable scenery. Hardangerfjord is the most popular due to its proximity with Bergen while Sognefjord beats everybody else with its massive length. Cruising and Railway are perhaps the two best options to bring you up close but a hike in the surrounding mountain will reward you with those beautiful postcard picture

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Our Tailormade Journey

Ultimate Northern Light Chase

Ultimate Northern Light Chase

11 Days

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