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Due to its vast geographical region, Argentina’s climate does not fit into one category – ranging from subtropical in the north to extreme polar in the south. Despite the surging crowd, summer from December to February is generally the best time to explore Patagonia and its abundant wildlife. Autumn is also a great choice especially if combined with harvest season in Mendoza

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Outdoor Adventure

Trekking on the Glaciers

With its impressive scale at 5 km wide and 30 km long and currently expanding at 2 meter per day, Perito Moreno Glacier is truly a sight to behold. Trekking on its icy surface is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can get up and personal with all of its gorgeous structures including little lagoons, streams, ravines and crevasses. And while exploring, you will be able to witness the incredible calving phenomenon where massive block of ice crumble and crash into the waters – creating a thunderous roar and giant tidal wave against the Argentino Lake

Wildlife & Safari

Bespoke Wildlife Experience

Every year, thousands of marine animals congregate around Valdes Peninsula from Southern Right Whales to Magellanic Penguins and elephant seals – turning the region into one of the most impressive natural sanctuary. From one of our handpicked estancia, you will enjoy all kinds of wildlife experience – both inland and on the high seas – along with off-the-beaten-path hiking, horseback riding or sea lion snorkeling. On your non safari days, enjoy a laid-back atmosphere at Puerto Madryn beachfront filled with mouth-watering Patagonian flavors or try your luck at White Salmon Fishing at the shore

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Luxury Patagonian Explorer

Luxury Patagonian Explorer

15 Days

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