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Your Icelandic experience will vary drastically depending on the time of the year; the good news is, they are all unforgettable. The long summer days mean you have plenty of hours to explore the otherworldly landscape whereas winter months are perfect for northern lights and ice caves expeditions. Rains can be expected throughout the years but as local Icelanders will say: if you don’t like the weather, just wait a bit.

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Outdoor Adventure

Experience the Midnight Sun

The midnight sun, one thing that many outdoor enthusiasts have been craving for, is the moment when days are long during the summer months and the sun never sets at all. These months are the best time to satisfy your wander craving soul and embrace all kinds of Iceland’s incredible natural phenomenon day and night. Also during this season, you will find tons of whales and puffin colonies nesting around the island coast and lupine blooms across the land, creating a majestic sea of purples. While most of the actions will take place away from the cities, that doesn’t make them less attractive. In contrast, many summer festivals are held in almost every village where you can gather for a long day of drinking, eating, and dancing with family and friends.

Outdoor Adventure

Ice Cave Winter Expedition

Iceland has a surprisingly mild temperature compared to the rest of the Arctic countries, making it a desirable place to visit even in winter. The dazzling ice caves are one of the natural wonders that are visible only in this offseason and they are so popular that some of the bookings are made months in advance. These crystal caves are formed during summertime when water from melting glacier penetrates the interior of a glacier through cracks and crevasses. It then becomes completely frozen in winter and turns into incredible blue crystalline walls and ceilings. While there are many ice caves in Iceland, the most famous is none other than the Crystal Caves in Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe, which has a high ceiling that is translucent enough for light to shine right through them


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Iceland Summer Adventure

Iceland Summer Adventure

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