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For a country overflowed with great nature and outdoor activities, weather plays a big part in deciding when to travel. Summer from December to February attract the most crowd and is perfect for desert stargazing but spring and autumn is also ideal for those who desire a quieter holiday. During winter, weather can be extreme in Patagonia, but Santiago and its surrounding mountain are blessed with powdery snow for skiing and snowboarding

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Outdoor Adventure

Traverse the Alien Landscape

Experience the closest thing to Mars as you explore the other-worldly salt lakes, sand dunes, valleys and volcanoes at Atacama Desert. Some sections of this barren landscape have gone decades without a single drop of rain, making it the driest place on earth and perfect testing site for NASA’s rover drilling and life testing. Its sky is also clearer than anywhere else in the world that canopy of stars can be seen from your luxury lodges with naked eyes. At its heart is the rustic village of San Pedro de Atacama, the only place that dances to cheer the vast expanse of nothingness

History & Culture

Home of the Moai

The charm of Easter Island is all about these statues made of stone – the moai – which sprawled throughout this seemingly uninhabited landscape. While researchers are eager to determine who constructed it and how they were brought to the coast of Rapa Noi, most travelers are contended by simply admiring its mystical beauty. But this isolated island is not only about these stone structures; there are plenty opportunities for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding or dive into an underground cave. We will make sure that your island days are tailored to match your interest and dreams

The Essentials

What You Need to Know

Journey All Around Chile

Journey All Around Chile

18 Days

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Luxury Patagonian Explorer

Luxury Patagonian Explorer

15 Days

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