12 Days

Finding Love in Italy


Trip Overview

With so many romantic spots stapled to the country, planning a honeymoon in Italy can be a hit-or-miss, especially if done without any insider’s knowledge. This twelve days itinerary provides you with our all-time favorite and can be customized to match your personal couple goals. The journey begins in Milan, one of the world’s most recognized fashion capitals, where we will dig through a plethora of romantic scenes that are hidden under its glitzy surface. Then, head to Tuscany for its irresistible wine-rich hills and spend two nights exploring the beauty of Florence’s renaissance. Continuing south, we will arrive at the capital Rome, where romance blends seamlessly with ancient history and panoramic tables pop up at every turn. Finally, we will finish our journey with a beach escape to Capri Island and enjoy romantic meals in one of the hanging terraces along the Amalfi Coast.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 - 3


Private Transfer to Milan's Hotel

Welcome Couple Spa in City Center

They say that the beginning of every love story is the sweetest, and there is nothing more dreamy than indulging yourself in a round of soothing couple massages. There are plenty of big-name options in Milan’s downtown area, such as The Shiseido or L’Occitane Spa, but there are also more emotional treatments like Amore e Psiche that will bring you to a yet unheard-of state of relaxation.

Full Day Lake Como Exploration

The beauty of Lake Como has constantly shined for centuries since the Roman times and attracted thousands of lovebirds from across the globe. Its lakefront villages and the surrounding alpine setting provide tranquil, restorative energy, and hence why big names continue to be lured to this region – from George Clooney to Sir Richard Branson. Onboard your private Como–built yacht, we will plow across the sparkling lake water and admire picturesque towns, elegant villas, and beautiful gardens scattered around its shore. Then, step into Villa Balbianello, one of the most romantic residences of Lake Como, which has been used in multiple Hollywood movie scenes such as Star Wars and Casino Royale 007. End your day at Bellagio, enjoying homemade Pasta in an incredibly romantic and lovely ambiance.

Walking Tour of Bologna

Along the drive from Milan to Florence, there are so many beautiful towns to explore, but Bologna is one-of-a-kind. This charming medieval town has various nicknames attached to it: “La Rossa” (The Red) for the city’s red coloring and “La Dotta” (The Learners) for Europe’s oldest university in town. But, it is ”La Grassa” (The Fat) that most travelers have come for. Some of the best Italian cuisines, including Tortellini (filled pasta dumpling), tagliatelle al ragu (or more commonly known as Bolognese), Piadina (cheese flatbread), and mortadella (cured pork) are originated in the city and can be found at the beating heart of Piazza Maggiore. At the square, you can also wander inside the Basilica di San Petronio or climb the Torre Asinelli for a fantastic view of red-roofed streets below.

Private Transfer to Florence's Hotel

Day 3 - 5


Private Orientation Tour of Florence

With plenty of churches, loggias, piazzas, and artworks to discover, exploring Florence is never an easy task, especially when everyone seems to have their own hidden gems. In this half-day tour, your private guide will help you create your personal itinerary, showing you the landmarks where renaissance started, introducing the works of Italian greats inside the Uffizi Gallery, as well as taking you to his favorite restaurant at Mercato Central Market.

Florence Gelato Tasting

While the exact origin of gelato is still a mystery, this refreshing dessert has always been tightly linked to the city of Florence. Since its first creation for Caterina Dei Medici and her family, the art of gelato making has evolved over time, with modern artisanal gelaterias spread all over the town. Led by a gelato-loving guide, we will visit a handful of traditional shops, go behind the scene to observe gelato in the making and taste them as soon as they come out of the machine.

Vespa Adventure in Tuscany

Escape to Tuscan Countryside on a classic Vespa – Italy’s most recognized symbol and first globally-sold scooter – and experience a changing scenery as you hit the winding road from rolling hills and olive groves to medieval towns and ancient wineries. Your Vespa guide will show you some of the most picturesque spots along the way and take you to a small Chianti vineyard for a typical farm lunch. Here, you will discover the Tuscan approach to winemaking and savor in a delicious meal served with fine Italian wines and the best olive oils in the region.

Private Transfer to Florence Station and Train Transfer to Rome

Day 5 - 8


Private Transfer to Rome's Hotel

Private Tour of Ancient Rome

The city of Rome has been around for almost three centuries, and as a result, you will find layers of astounding histories across the city. The oldest, which we will explore in-depth today, is none other than the ancient Roman Ruins, dating back to more than 2,500 years ago. From the Palatine Hill, you will be able to see the entire Roman Forum and flashback in time to when Roman citizens have their first public gatherings. We will also walk along the Via Sacra (Sacred Way) that leads to the magnificent Colosseum and bring back the glorious gladiators’ battles and intense scenes to the arena.

Early Access to Vatican City

To truly appreciate Vatican City and its churches, we will sneak you in at the quietest time – one hour before general opening time – and let you peacefully wander through Michelangelo’s masterpieces and other secret treasures without the crowd. You will begin the day with a refreshing breakfast at Pinecone Courtyard before entering the museum with just a selected few. Notable highlights inside including Sistine Chapel and its ceiling frescoes, the Raphael Room, and many other marvelous sculptures inside St Peter’s Basilica

Leisure Hours in Rome

During your three-night stay, we will ensure that you get sufficient time to wander around the eternal city on your own. Your travel designer will share some insider knowledge from which garden to stroll to where to sit in Spanish Steps and ‘locals only’ trattoria in the charming Trastevere.

Private Naples Food Tour

Leave the capital and set off to the city of Naples, a charming seaside town that is often overlooked due to its plethora of pickpockets and crimes in the past. Today, the city will only steal your heart away. Its narrow streets are always bursting with energy, perhaps due to the infamous Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD that serves as a constant reminder for Neapolitans to live their life to the fullest. We will walk through its historic center with only one goal in mind: finding the best pizza in town. Your food-loving guide will make the quest easier and introduce you to various mouth-watering gems from seafood to buffalo mozzarella and freshly baked pastries.

Private Boat Transfer to Capri Island

Day 8 - 10


Private Transfer to Capri's Hotel

Tour of Capri & Anacapri

Start your day on top of the world by taking a 10-minute chairlift to the peak of Monte Solaro, where the spectacular vista of the entire Capri Island and surrounding Bay of Naples can be seen. Then, explore the Anacapri Center and enjoy a peaceful walk through this quieter side of the island. Back in Capri, we will explore the lush Garden of Augustus, walk the iconic Via-Krupp zigzag path to Marina Picolla, and admire the fascinating Faraglioni from a distance. To end the day, hang around the bustling Piazzetta with a glass of Capri cocktail or enjoy the refreshing island breeze in one of the famous lidos

Epic Sail by Private Speedboat

On this sail, we will admire the gorgeous Capri view that got everybody hooked from Roman Emperors to this century’s jet setters. We will cruise past sheer of rugged cliffs, duck underneath the Faraglioni’s Rocks, enter the mesmerizing grottoes and encounter intoxicating shades of blue colors from bright turquoise to deep eclectic blue. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch on board while your boat makes its way to your final destination: Amalfi.

Private Transfer to Amalfi's Hotel

Day 10 - 12


Tour of Amalfi Coast with Photographers

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Amalfi Coast that choosing a favorite is nearly impossible; the cliff-clinging pastel houses, the pristine beaches, the al fresco dining, the endless olive groves or the infinity pool in one of the luxury hotels. Taking a road trip along its dramatic coastline is a feast to the eyes and one of the most authentic Italian experiences that you will remember for life. A photographer guide will lead the tour and capture your magical moments so that you won’t need to bring out your camera at all; instead, focus more on enjoying the precious views as we jump from one picturesque village to another

Limoncello Tasting and Romantic Dinner

You cannot leave Amalfi Coast without trying the region’s most famous Limoncello liquor. Enjoy a hands-on experience from choosing the right lemons to peel, mix, and develop your own unique recipes – all under the guidance of a professional chef. End your love story with a memorable dinner at our handpicked restaurant and let the Mediterranean ocean wind serenade you through your final evening.

Tour of Historic Pompeii

On your way to the airport, make a heartbreaking visit to Pompeii, a glorious Roman City that vanished in just a day after the ferocious Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 A.D. put the entire town and its 10,000 residents under a blanket of ash. Today, it is an open-air museum where you can discover the remains of ancient Roman buildings such as the piazza, the residential houses, restaurants, and even an old brothel.

Private Transfer to Naples Airport

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